Ari Talons —NightmareTalons

Xephos in his bee socks.
Socks source.

Xephos in his bee socks.

Socks source.

Same character, drawn 5 years apart.

I love the cold and calculating Lewis from the Civ games while he’s at war with Duncan.

Just imagine Xephos fighting Lalna. He has the upper hand, he’s the most powerful, no doubt about that at this point. Xephos is just toying with him. Mocking him. Standing over Lalna’s bloodied and beaten body laying on the ground, diamond sword pointed down at him. Laughing.
"Fight back, Lalna, come on!"

wow. much apocalypse.

So are we not going to talk about this?

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Angry Strem of 2013

Cows and bees.